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About Us

Ron Paul Swag is a Texas-based, independent apparel and accessory website that offers the liberty movement’s highest quality, Ron Paul related, merchandise. We are always seeking ways to make liberty sexy with our unique mix of apparel and accessories. Our team is committed to helping spread Ron Paul’s message through thoughtful design and culturally relevant messages.

RonPaulSwag.com was launched in 2011 by serial entrepreneur, former neocon and now champion of liberty Trey Stinnett, designer Benito Segovia and professional web developer Daniel Williams. All were brought together by their love of liberty and desire to use their skills for the advancement of the movement and to aid in the election of the good doctor.

Ron Paul Swag is always seeking strategic partnerships with leaders in the movement to make the very best products available to supporters throughout the globe. We fully support organizations like the Revolution SuperPAC and actively donate a portion of our proceeds to them.

If you’d like to get in contact with us, join our facebook page, follow us on twitter or pop over to our contact form and shoot us a email.

Ron Paul Swag Team



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